Private Lessons

Private Dance Lessons at Sound in Motion


For the new dancer:
Private lessons are a great way to go if you feel like a group lesson is too fast or too slow for you. Your instructor will tailor private lessons to the individual student’s pace and dancing goals. Private lessons are great for developing tools to use in group classes to get more out of them, as well as keeping you motivated and having a great time!

For the seasoned dancer:
Private lessons here at Sound in Motion will dramatically change your dancing with your first lesson. We guarantee that your dancing will change dramatically and quickly if you apply the things we teach you in your lesson! Our philosophy and teaching method is very different: we teach a connection based form of dancing that develops body awareness, the ability to improve your dancing, and to learn and retain material! Call now to book your lesson and change your dancing! 208-421-5948

How do private dance lessons work?
When dancing with an instructor in private lessons, there are tips they can give you on technique that are just impossible to give in a large group class setting. One-on-one feedback is priceless! Also, a hands on approach that will show you exactly what is happening and what it should feel like is more valuable to you than many hours of group classes. If it feels good to dance with you, you will get asked to dance a lot!! Heather is trained to be able to figure out the easiest way to get you moving comfortably with any partner.

Do I need to bring my own partner?
Absolutely not! Our instructors can both lead and follow, but you can if you would like. Our instructors gets different things from watching someone dance vs. dancing with someone – it’s the difference between how it looks and how it feels. It’s fun to mix it up and bring a partner some times. Pricing is for 1 or 2 people. It does not cost more to bring one other person to your private dance lessons.

Why do people take private lessons?
People take private dance lessons for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they are not comfortable in a group setting, and private one-on-one instruction can get you on the dance floor. Occasionally, students find themselves having a difficult time with a particular move that they couldn’t understand in their group dance class and just need a little help with it. Another reason to take a private lesson is to work on specific techniques that don’t lend themselves to learning in a group class setting such as spin technique and connection.

How much do they cost?
Our rates are the best in the greater Boise area! Call now to book your lesson! 208-421-5948

With Studio Director:
By permission of Director only 

With a Senior Instructor:
$80/hr for one lesson
$75/hr if you purchase 6 lessons
$70/hr if you purchase 12 lessons
$65/hr if you purchase 18 lessons

With an Associate Instructor:
$70/hr for one lesson
$65/hr if you purchase 6 lessons
$60/hr if you purchase 12 lessons
$55/hr if you purchase 18 lessons

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