I DANCE for me, not for you.
I dance for ME, not for my leader, partner, teacher or observer.
I dance for me because my body craves MOVEMENT. My body needs to EXPRESS the tension and release of everyday life that music mimics.
I move for me because society would have me believe that I started too LATE, was too “BIG”, or that I didn’t have a dancer’s BODY.
I dance to COMMUNICATE because when you dance with me, if you LISTEN, you can understand what I am saying far better than words can express.
I dance to help me find my center and realign with my SPIRIT. I dance because when I do I am the purest BEST version of myself.
I dance for me because I have a desire to feel and express beauty, sexiness, sensuality, earthy, raw, primal, EMOTIONS in a way that only dance can give me.
I dance to CHALLENGE my body, to find its limits and break through them.
I perform to share my LOVE of dance with the WORLD because what good is finding something you love if you don’t share it!
Dance isn’t something I do, it’s who I AM!

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