Enriching Your Quality of Life

Life Lessons Learned in Dance Class

Dance can enrich your life beyond what you ever though possible.  We’ve seen people meet and get married through dance, fix their posture and experience less pain, lose weight, dramatically improve their self-esteem, and become a part of community that we fondly refer to as our dance family.  We support each other and our community and are proud to teach our students how to improve learning so that they can experience a better overall quality of life! Dance is an amazing vehicle to teach some of the most important lesson in life.

In our classes we teach more than dance. We teach you how to learn faster and more effectively.  This skill can easily transfer to learning anything you want to learn in your life! We teach social etiquette, how to re-connect with your body and so much more.  Come experience the difference!

Body Awareness

Goal Setting


Community Service



Self Esteem



Depth of Knowlege



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