Group classes

Please see our Socials & Workshops page for our current offerings. We are not currently offering weekly group classes. 


Salsa latin social dance! While people do compete the largest amount of people simply social dance. Social dancing is when a lead and a follow dance and the leader creates moves on the fly and uses pressure changes to communicate what they want the follower to do. At high levels it looks like a blur of spinning and body movement all done to the rhythm and accents of the songs. It is exciting and incredibly social and challenging, and exciting all at the same time! Did we mention the music just makes you want to get up and dance? There are multiple nights every week to take your new skill and go out social dancing!

It’s great exercise and so much better than the treadmill. Meet new people and find a wonderful community of people who love to get out there and dance!


Bachata is a dance of connection and body movement. In the beginning levels you learn to move and isolate your hips and ribcage, and in the upper levels you learn more advanced coordinated movements like body rolls and ris circles. The leaders communicate and “play” the music with their body and their followers body. Many of the local places to dance play both Salsa and Bachata so it’s good to know a little of both. 

“Sound in Motion created a dance family for all of us. I have no doubt that they’ll extend our family to all those who come to their new studio. Heather is a welcoming, knowledgeable, and funny instructor. She and Jay changed many of our lives and brought our joy of dance back (or out for the first time).Erin

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