“Heather is an amazing instructor. She makes class so much fun and perfect for any level of dancer. I took my very first class with Heather and fell in love with dancing and with her. Simply amazing.”

-Amanda Canales

“Sound in Motion created a dance family for all of us. I have no doubt that they’ll extend our family to all those who come to their new studio. Heather is a welcoming, knowledgeable, and funny instructor. She and Jay changed many of our lives and brought our joy of dance back (or out for the first time). Join our extended family by choosing SIM!”

-Erin Hill

“I took a couple of free lessons as part of the grand opening of “Sound in Motion” here in Boise to check the studio, the atmosphere, and most of all, the teaching style of the owner.  I decided to enroll in one of the great deals that was offered that day to confirm my initial good impressions. After a couple of weeks of attending her classes I can confidently say that Heather is an exceptional dance instructor!

She is very detail-oriented, and spends a lot of time on foundational technique. Not only does she break every move into several segments, repeating it as many times as students might need, but she includes a detailed explanation of how each muscle group is engaged in a certain move to make it happen. She uses different props and exercises to help students understand the connection between muscle engagement and breathing techniques in order to perform those moves. Heather has an extensive understanding of human anatomy, so sometimes it feels like having dance instruction and physical therapy at the same time!

Being new to and challenged by Latin dancing, I feel comfortable attending these small group classes as each of us gets a lot of individual attention, in some respects like a private lesson. Heather takes time to dance with both the followers and the leaders in order to give them feedback, and repeatedly corrects mistakes. She is knowledgeable, funny, patient and fun, and I highly recommend her to dancers of any level or interest.”

-Zorica Jokic

“You can’t tell from the outside, but the place is HUGE! I had Bachata and Dominican Bachata classes with Heather. Since then I’ve had at least three really good Bachata leads ask me where I learned. A dance instructor asked, “Where did you learn? Not here…Dominican Republic?” I consider that a compliment, but really it’s a compliment to Heather’s teaching style!”

-Shannon Stevens

“I rarely leave reviews but when I do, it’s because I’ve discovered a true gem— and in the case of Sound in Motion, I’ve found my new dance home and I couldn’t be happier. Here are just a few reasons why Sound in Motion has quickly become my absolute favorite dance studio.

1- Heather, the owner, is a phenomenal teacher. I always say that being a good [dancer, choreographer, or any other professional role we take on] is different than being a good teacher. Thankfully, Heather has got both of these down! She is not only a beautiful dancer but a phenomenal teacher. She knows how to explain, demonstrate, and progressively teach difficult dance concepts and movements in a way that you, me, and anyone else in the room can understand regardless of our learning preferences. And her extensive knowledge of anatomy means that she guides your body to safely and functionally do things you never thought it could do. It’s thanks to Heather that I can now body roll with the best of ‘em and feel more aware of and confident in my body than ever before.

2- The environment at Sound in Motion is one of kindness and acceptance. If you want to become part of a community of like-minded, open-hearted, and genuine people… if you want to try something you’ve never tried before in a completely judgment-free zone… or if you simply want to increase your sense of connection with other people and feel more alive… Sound in Motion is the place. You will undoubtedly be welcomed in with open arms, just like I was.

3- You get lots of personal attention. Heather’s group class format ensures that everyone gets plenty of attention– which means that we learn faster and have the benefit of having personalized guidance from a pro. Every second of class is intentional and well-prepared and I find that I often receive as much personal guidance from Heather in her group classes as I have from other instructors during private (and of course, more expensive) lessons.

4- The space is beautiful– with plenty of room to dance without stepping on anybody’s toes, lots of open space to try out that new arm styling you learned from Heather without accidentally hitting your dance friends in the face, and lots of opportunities for fun evening dance socials to practice and show off those new dance skills!

5- Heather is a phenomenal teacher. O woops, did I mention that already? This one is definitely worth mentioning again…!”

-Sophia Godkin


“After two months of being a student at Sound in Motion, I can definitely say that Boise got lucky.

The instructor, Heather, shows an uncommon dedication, making sure that her teaching is spot on all the time, with effort in correcting errors, posture and technique of all students, while keeping the class fun, engaged and challenging. I am amazed by how much she can teach in such short time.

Absolutely the quality studio that a growing city like Boise deserves.”

-Luca Crespi

“Heather is one of the best dance instructors I’ve ever had. Not only is her class fun, she is also very patient and good at breaking down the dance techniques in a way that’s easy to understand. I would definitely continue to take classes from her.”

-Yuki Liang

“Very good place to learn and perfect your dancing! Heather is a great instructor that has a lot of experience, and no matter what your dancing skills are she will help you grow and improve. Totally recommended.”

-Vincente Cartas Espinel

“I ended up taking a decade long break from Salsa, when Sound in Motion opened up in my neighborhood, I couldn’t believe it.

I am so happy to be back on the dance floor. The staff and clientele at SIM are all very friendly and welcoming. They have been supportive and encouraging of me in my return to the dance scene.

They are competitively priced and focused on helping individuals come away improved after every class or team practice.

The monthly social dance parties are a blast! Fun times!”

-Janine Jovet Hernandez

“In my opinion – Great dance teachers, like Heather D’Angel, have a few things in common…

Passion * Patience * Professionalism * Prepared * and the Understanding that adults, based on life experience, learn differently

Add Humor, the Ability to meet students where they are at, and the Skill to challenge students while creating a safe learning environment – that pretty much sums up what you’ll get at Sound in Motion Dance. Still not sure…?

Drop by and watch one of Heather’s group classes. You’ll be able to tell pretty quickly that the class is organized, well run, the students are having fun, and most of them are ‘getting it’.”

-Lee Steventon

“Great place! The instructor makes it very easy for beginners to get the moves. Her sense of humor is also a big plus.

Very warm atmosphere!”

-Roostum Mumyeduf

“Beautiful studio! The instructor (Heather) is one of the best instructors I’ve taken classes from. She is not just a very good, patient teacher, she is also an entertainer. Her classes are always fun, you will not be bored. She explains moves until you get them, so you never feel behind. I highly recommend it.”

-Anna Kozhevnikova

“Heather is one of the best instructors I’ve had the pleasure to learn from. She breaks down the steps in an easy to learn format and will explain different ways to fit your level. One of the few instructors that go into connection and proper muscle engagement. She teaches you to learn how to dance not just how to do a move.

Made it to the grand opening a week ago and the space was gorgeous. Love the hardwood floor and the color scheme. Everyone was super friendly.”

-Valerine Carretta

“Heather has an amazing way of breaking down a dance so that any level participant can do it! I have taken her classes, and private lessons, and have learned so much more and faster than any other dance company. I also got to have her and her dance partner do a demo a lesson at my Company 5 year anniversary party and it was a blast. Almost every guest participated and so many people raved about her awesome style of teaching. I even had some guests from the Dominican Republic who were blown away by the performance. They said it reminded them of home!

Thank you Sound In Motion for being a great part of our community! We can’t wait until the next party!”

-Krista Marrie Larrison

“Get in here and get lessons before it becomes too packed! Friendly, fun place to learn. You won’t be made to feel bad whatever your skill level or ability, or lack of all natural ability! You will be entertained, laugh, and learn. Heather is great with everyone. Y también se habla muy buena espanglish. Baile!”

-Danny Horovitz

“Loved it!!

Heather is so much fun, and her teaching experience makes students feel comfortable and have fun at the same time.

I’d rank her as one of the best teachers.”

-Cesar Djyambu

“Great dance studio, fantastic atmosphere! I take salsa lessons at the studio and Heather always provides top-notch instruction.”

-Adrian Secchia

“Took a class in Jan 2016 and have been hooked ever since. The price point is unbeatable. I have learned so much! The staff are awesome. Heather is an amazing instructor. The studio promotes a supportive environment that bleeds into the clientele creating a friendly, happy place. Lead or follower, we all want to look good when we dance. Heather’s got our back on that. I’d give Sound In Motion 5 stars.”

-Susan Amante

“If you are looking for place to just dance, it’s probably not for you. Sound in Motion will give you way more than just dance. Sound in Motion it is a place to learn, to dance, to be part of community, to be part of a family. Heather is an amazing teacher who emphasizes on connection, connection to the dance, to the music, and to the people around. Dancing at SIM is an art.

The team at Sound in Motion build the feeling of belonging to their dancing family. It doesn’t matter if you go to the social dances, or if you take a class, you will get the warm feeling that you are always welcome. It doesn’t matter if you are an advanced or beginner dancer, everybody happy to see you there. You are always welcome here! I love this place.”

-Elena Soboleva

“Heather is the best teacher! Her classes are fun, well-paced, and informative. She’s great at teaching technique so you can carry the information over to any style of dance, and helps you to be better able to learn HOW to dance, not just memorize patterns.”

-Susan Kammeye

“You only hear rave reviews about the head instructor Heather and the second you dance with her you can tell why. She’s an amazing teacher and really takes her time with students, the studio become a second home for anyone who visits!”

-Lauren Michael