Heather DAngel

Head Instructor

 I have been teaching Salsa & Bachata for over 10 years. I have travelled, performed, and taught all across the United States. My love of dance began when I took at group Salsa lesson while in college. I instantly fell in love with the dance, music, and community that surrounds Salsa music and began to train and study the dance in earnest. I have trained with many different instructors before settling down in Salt Lake City Utah for 4 years where I trained under Maria Ivanova of DF Dance Studio, joined their dance company, and began to teach.

I then stepped back from the dance scene for a little while and moved to Washington State where I started my family. I became the mother of three children, and continued to dance and teach while pregnant! After my second child, I decided that there was a need in the north end for Salsa and Latin dancing. Recognizing that anyone north of Seattle had to drive and pay for parking in Seattle, I decided to open Sound in Motion Dance.

I am known for my ability to breakdown the technical details of dance into bite size chunks allowing people to improve in the fastest and simplest way possible. Known for my casual, friendly, yet attention-to-detail teaching style, I am a master at getting you to become the best dancer you can be while having a blast doing it.

Andrew Stole

Senior Instructor

I began my journey into dancing at the age of 28. I started out with Hip Hop and fell in love with the rhythm and movement of the dance and the dance community as a whole. After seeing a bachata demonstration one day and listening to the music, I decided I wanted to try my hand at partner dancing. I started learning both Salsa and Bachata at the same time but, after about about 6 months, I took my first Sensual Bachata workshop from Heather at Sound In Motion, got hooked and haven’t looked back. When I’m not teaching Salsa or Bachata, I am improving my Popping by taking private lessons and practicing whenever I get a chance. Aside from dance, I am pursuing my other love of digital arts by doing digital painting and sculpting.

Jay Terpening

Associate Instructor

I met my amazing wife Heather in 2012. She introduced me to this wonderful world of Latin dance, and I now wish I had known about it much earlier in life! It only took her a few years to convince me to quit my day job and go full time helping her run the studio and teach dance. I love helping the new dancers as they start on their journey into the fun and exciting world of Latin social dancing.

Valerine Carretta

Associate Instructor

Latin music and dance have been a part of my life as long as I can remember. I started dancing Merengue in my parents’ living room at the age of 5 and haven’t looked back. I tried to learn salsa several times, and I was happy I was able to get the rudimentary steps enough to dance at birthday parties growing up. It wasn’t until coming to Sound in Motion that I realized there was so much more to dancing Salsa and partner dancing. My experiences here have laid the markers through this incredible journey of new friends, a sense of community, and a way to express my passion for dance.


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